• Approved DOA (design organisazation aproval).
    That means that our organization can develope new desings as well as approved documentation for repairs.
    Find some of our approved design project here.
  • Approved part M CAMO organization with I privileges
    That means that our organization can be responsible CAMO organization for all aircrafts exept for those which are placed under an AOC
  • Airworthiness Review.
    The I privileges means that we are approved to do airworthiness review on aircrafts (fixed wing and rotorwing) according to the scope you will find under APPROVALS
  • Develops and edits procedures established, or to be established, in the organizations
  • Develops and edits maintenance programs established, or to be established, in the organizations
  • Supervision during import and export of aircrafts
  • Quality Audits with corresponding reports
  • General consulting

In addition, Aviation Engineering AS offer a MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) solution called TELS – in co-operation with Nord-Norsk Teknologi AS located at Finnsnes.

Key features for TELS:

  • TELS = Technical Electronic Limitation System
  • TELS is fully capable of administrating all the maintenance control functions needed both by a Part-145 and Part-M Subpart G organizations
  • TELS is designed to run with a minimum of overhead administrative staff. Used both by the Part-145 and Part-M Subpart G organisation, the system will create huge potential for overhead reductions and effective data processing
  • TELS is an administrative tool for document-processing, planning, accomplishment, follow up, evaluation and reporting of maintenance Develops and edits procedures established, or to be   established, in the organizations
    • TELS is developed to make it possible to save administrative costs
    • TELS is in usetodayby multiple organisationsin Norway and Sweden

It's important to tell you that the experience from the aviation industry can easily be adapted to other business-sectors as well.
We can learn the best of each other. Therfore we can develope the organizations and the systems in the organizations together with you to a higher level according to quality, safety and efficiency.
The sky is the limit!

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