Aviation Engineering AS was established in 2007. Each one of the employees have an experience of 25-30 years.
The employees has long experience from  aviation in organizations as the Air Force, civil aviation (rotorcrafts and fixed wing)
and N-CAA (Norwegian Aviation Authority). 

Aviation Engineering AS was established to support organizations with engineering activities, maintenance activities, projects, quality audits,  design, etc. We are a decentralized stand alone organization. 

Today we have the following office locations:

Lødingen(Main office)
Visiting address: Televeien 3, 8410 Lødingen
Postal address: Postboks 177, 8411 Lødingen

Visiting and postal address:
Otterveien 50, 9300 Finnsnes

Langhus (25 km south/east of Oslo)
Visiting addresse: Berghagan 7, 1405 Langhus
Postal address: Skoglyvn 9, 1405 Langhus

 Kontor Langhus forminsket    

Stockholm Sweden
Visiting and postal address: 
Fågelvägen 30
175 64 Järfälla,


 We do not operate aircrafts or other type’s of vehicles. We are therefore an entirely objective (stand alone) organization. Aviation Engineering AS can therefore offer services within all area of maintenance operations without being involved in any difficult competition between the organizations.


Aviation Engineering AS offer services to a number of operators in Scandinavia. Aviation Engineering AS wishes to be at your service based on that our company always aspire to, in co-operation with the organization, save costs in relation with technological solutions, based on to-days requirements and of course safety.






















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Aviation Engineering AS
         PO. Box 177
     N-8411 Lødingen
      +47 915 28 000
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